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The ageing process is a natural part of life. Our body undergoes many changes as we move from our 20s right through to our 60s and, more often than not, the physical changes are most visible in our face.  


Our skin changes in texture and tone, becoming thinner and looser. The fat that was once evenly spread across our faces start to lose their volume and shift downward. Our muscles repeat the same expressions and eventually these start to set in the form of lines.  


These are all inevitable changes – but they don’t have to be obvious one. Our team at MBODY Aesthetics can help you preserve your unique beauty and achieve a refreshed aesthetic through subtle enhancements and refinements. All of our nurses are experienced across a range of different anti-aging cosmedic treatments and will work with you to develop a bespoke treatment plan for natural looking results. 


Smiling, frowning and laughing are all part of how we experience and enjoy life. Over time, the muscles that tug on our faces to express our emotions can cause creasing in the skin that become permanent in the form of expression lines and wrinkles. Anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers can help reduce the appearance of these lines and wrinkles for an anti-aging effect.  

Crow’s feet: little lines spreading from the corner of our eyes outward. 


Forehead wrinkles: horizontal lines stretching across our foreheads. 


Laughter/Smile lines: lines that develop around the sides of our mouth and around the corners of our eyes. 


Bunny lines: short horizontal lines near the nose bridge below the inner corners of our eyes. 


Frown lines: short vertical lines between our eyes and above our nose. 


Chin lines: arching lines that frame the pouch of fat under our bottom lip and above our chin. 

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Remember being a teenager and wishing your baby fat would go away so you could look more like a grown up? 

As we age, our facial fat starts to lose volume in certain areas that can gradually make the face appear less plump and more flat. Dermal fillers in targeted areas can address this volume loss for a fuller, more youthful looking face.

Flattened cheeks: as our facial fat thins out, the pads of fat on our cheeks start to deflate creating a flat or sunken look. 


Hollow temples: volume loss above the tails of our eyebrows, can be further accentuated by a receding hairline. 


Thinning lips: volume loss, as well as decreased collagen production, starts to affect our lips from late teens resulting in flatter and thinner lips as we age. 

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Collagen production slows with age and this can weaken our body’s ability to resist gravity. We start to see drooping and sagging as our folds of skin and pockets of fat slowly shift down the face but luckily, we can minimize the appearance of these with several different treatments available at our two Brisbane cosmedic clinic locations.  

Jowls & double chin: sagging skin below our chins. 


Eye bags: puffiness from an accumulation of fat and fluid can accumulate under our eyes.  


Nasolabial folds: as our cheeks droop, the fold running from the sides of the nose down to the corners of the mouth can become exaggerated. 


Drooping brows: weakness in the muscles around the eye can make our brows appear like they’re drooping. 




Smooth the appearance facial lines.

Dermal Filler


Restore volume and suppleness to your face. 

PDO Mono


Tighten, lift, and supercharge collagen production.