Anti-Wrinkle Treatment for Men




For years, demand from men for anti-wrinkle treatment has increased – by almost 400% in the last 20 years. These days anti-wrinkle treatment is a firmly established part of many a man's ‘man-tenance’ programme.

At MBODY Aesthetics we have established a large and loyal male client base and have many years' experience in treating men and women alike.


What is different about treating men’s faces?

The treatment plan at MBODY Aesthetics is customised to the individual according to the patient's facial anatomy and desired outcome. However, more broadly speaking, there are important differences when working with the male face, that must be integrated into the personalised approach. Inexperienced injectors often fail to work with these differences, ignoring the rules of the male aesthetic. In treating men and women the same, an unsatisfactory outcome is likely.

Whilst beauty remains in the eye of the beholder and changes over time, there are some observations that hold true about what constitutes a desirable and masculine look.

The first consideration when treating the male face is the brow. The brow is fundamental to a masculine vs. feminine appearance. In our female clients, we use anti-wrinkle injections to achieve a gentle arch (aka the “Kylie Kick”) and aim to have the brow sit higher, a few centimetres above the brow bone. This would look bizarre on a man's face where a straighter and lower brow is more desirable. We modify our injection technique to respect this.

Men may also have, or desire, a wider and squarer jaw. Careful consideration of the anatomical lines that make up the male facial anatomy determines how we use injections to maintain or enhance such features.

Men often have higher hairlines or an absent hairline. This demands an injection pattern that extends up into the scalp. Without treating higher towards the scalp, it is a job half done and makes for a poor aesthetic result.

Generally speaking, men genetically carry a higher muscle mass than women throughout their body and the face is no exception. Men’s brows and foreheads are usually stronger and require as much as 50% higher dosage to fully relax the muscles and achieve a good result. At MBODY Aesthetics we understand this, and tailor the dosages as required.

Mastering and working with these subtle facial differences comes from paying meticulous attention to detail and from steady experience working with our large, regular male client base at MBODY Aesthetics


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