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Cooltech® fat freezing, the most advanced system in cryolipolysis (fat freezing), is available at our Brisbane Aesthetic and Wellness clinic This latest innovation in non-invasive, fat reduction technology has treated over 1,000,000 people across the world, with over 95% customers satisfied with their results. 


Cooltech® body sculpting works by using controlled cooling technology to target and eliminate fat cells permanently, without surgery - treated areas have been shown to have up to 40% reduction in fat. 


Whether you have stubborn fat hiding your abs, or want to slim down your thighs, our Cooltech® fat freezing treatments at our Fortitude Valley clinic can help you achieve the shape you've been working towards. 


What to expect:


When you come in for your initial complimentary consultation, we work with you to understand your body goals and decide whether Cooltech® fat freezing is the right treatment for you.


For our patients who can benefit from the treatment, we will discuss a tailored treatment plan for your areas of concern, take your initial measurements and photos to help track your results - our patients love seeing the changes in their before and after photos! 


In each fat freezing session, Cooltech® applicators are gently placed on the target area. There will be some initial tightness, followed by a tingly cold sensation for approximately 5 minutes. The remainder of the session will feel very comfortable. Each session will take between 45 - 70 minutes depending on the treatment area(s).


After your Cooltech® fat freezing treatment, you may begin to see results in as little as 15 days, as the fat cells reduce in size in the target areas. These gradual changes will continue for up to 8 weeks – revealing your newly sculpted body. 


Ready to sculpt your ideal figure through fat freezing?


Book in for a free consultation for fat freezing at our Brisbane Clinic with one of our qualified Cooltech® technicians.

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