Is the treatment safe?

Absolutely! Our products are PEROXIDE-FREE, all natural and have ZERO side effects. They are custom-made and registered with Food and Drug Administration in the USA, as well as fully compliant with EU standards.

How many shades whiter?

This depends entirely on the person’s physiology. Our customers regularly achieve results of up to 11 shades whiter; with the average improvement being 6-8 shades. It is a natural whitening product that will get your teeth to their natural colour.

How long will my results last?

Most people find they like to touch up their whitening every 6-9 months, depending on the normal amount of stains you have on your enamel as well as your eating and drinking habits. Your results will last longer if you refrain from things such as coffee, tea and smoking. You might as well use enamel booster to retain the teeth whitening result even better. For more questions call us prior to the treatment.

Is there anyone the treatment is not suitable for

Our treatments are not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women and children under the age of 14.

Does treatment fix tetracycline stains?

Our treatment can be effective on stains caused by the antibiotic tetracycline. Our treatment will be more effective if the stains are not too deep within the teeth. Tetracycline stains are often one of the more difficult stains to remove but our team of professionals will be able to assist and advise you on the best way to treat your tetracycline stains.

Does treatment fix stains from smoking?

Yes. Although stains from smoking can often be slightly more difficult to remove, our treatment is effective for most stains caused by smoking. Our team of professionals will be able to assist and advise you on the best way to treat stains caused by smoking

How quickly will the results occur?

Your teeth will be whiter within one hour of treatment so if you have an important meeting or function and you have left it to the last minute, our treatment is perfect for you.

Are there any side effects?

No, there are no side effects when getting your teeth whitened at PureSmile as our products are all natural. The only side effect you will have is whiter teeth for 6-9 months.

How can I retain my results?

To keep your teeth whiter and healthier for longer after our treatment, we recommend the following: clean your teeth twice daily, floss often and drink plenty of water. We recommend you also avoid the following- coffee, black tea, red wines and smoking.

Are products cruelty free?

All our products & services are cruelty free.

Our teeth whitening products are not tested on animals.

Our manufacturers do not test on animals (ingredients and finished product).

Our products are not sold in any markets that require animal testing by local law and regulations (Mainland China, Brazil, etc).

What is the difference between Cosmetic Teeth Whitening and a Dentist Teeth Whitening treatment?

The difference in between the cosmetic and the dentist range is the strength of the active ingredient Hydrogen Peroxide (HP). The Signature Treatment uses 6% HP which is the maximum legal strength for over-the-counter cosmetic teeth whitening products in Australia.

Dentists are not restricted on the concentration of HP in the teeth whitening products they use. PureSmile Dentist Teeth Whitening uses 16%, 25% (equivalent to Phillips Zoom) or 38% HP gel which is one of the strongest teeth whitening gel in the industry. Based on clients tooth sensitivity the dentist will determine which gel is the best fit for the client during the consultation.

You can expect a natural result with a cosmetic teeth whitening treatment and a more of bleached look with the dentist range. The dentist range is also recommended for teeth with a very high level of staining.