IV Infusion Vitamin Therapy helps deliver essential vitamins and replenishes hydration intravenously.

Keeping your body hydrated and maintaining a healthy balance of essential vitamins and minerals means your body works at its optimum level.

In today’s busy world, and during times of high stress or low immunity, the nutrients we ingest through foods may not be enough to maintain ideal health and function. 

IV infusions are a potent immune system booster. We offer a variety of treatments to aid in the recovery of illness, hangover relief, recuperating from jet lag and a general health boost.

By injecting the vitamins directly into the blood stream your body can absorb the nutrients quickly and therefore help speed up the healing process and improve your cosmetic appearance.

On your first visit, you will receive a thorough consultation with our medical staff followed by a script for all new IV patients. Your IV formulation will then be administered by our nursing team.

Infusions take between 30- 45 minutes, and we recommend that patients are well hydrated and have eaten prior to treatment.


This IV was formulated to provide the key ingredients to maintain good health and function. 

The formulation includes ingredients: B12, B complex, C, Magnesium, and Glutathione, this formula supports the body in essential functions and immune support. 

MBODY's Energy Boost treatment includes a specially-formulated combination of electrolytes, vitamins and antioxidants to combat the symptoms of fatigue and low energy, also enhancing your mental clarity and overall performance.


Whether you are looking for a boost to your immune system during cold and flu season, suffer from a chronic illness and need some extra support, or are looking for an easy way to enhance your energy, this IV is a great place to start.

MBODY's Immunity Boost is the ultimate infusion to help your body in times of stress and weakened immunity. Using the powerhouses of Vitamin C, B, Glutathione and Zinc – this formula will help your body to build immunity and strength, so you can function at your best. 

SKIN GLOW - $249

This IV was formulated to provide the key ingredients in the formation of skin’s most important components: collagen and elastin. It includes powerful antioxidants like vitamin B complex, vitamin C and glutathione.


These nutrients are important in building new skin, protecting the skin you already have, and mitigating the oxidative and inflammatory damage that is keeping your skin from the healthy, beautiful glow you desire.


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