At MBODY we offer many services to assist in you feeling and looking your best.  Cosmetic Tattooing is just one of the many additional services we provide.

We are very lucky to have the wonderful Fernanda Loureiro - Experienced Cosmetic Tattooist.

Feather touch brows are the most modern and are by far the most popular technique, even amongst celebrities because it provides a super natural effect however, we offer a lovely range of techniques to suit each individual including Feather Touch, Ombre and Combination brow tattooing.


Fernanda specialises in applying the latest cosmetic tattooing techniques to completely transform your brows, eyes and lips. She is committed to continuous quality improvement, which includes regular attendance at global and national education and training opportunities. This means that we can guarantee our clients are receiving the highest quality services that are available in the cosmetic tattooing industry. 

Feather touch, Microblading, Embroidery, Hairstroke . . . it’s all the same thing! This delicate technique creates effortlessly natural and beautiful brows with a blend of simulated hair strokes that mimic real growth! If you suffer from over-plucking, ultra light or just sparse eyebrows, then Feather Touch tattooing is going to change your life.


The latest and greatest trend in the cosmetic tattoo industry. This technique is created with a digital machine and designed to implant pigment throughout the brow in order to create a soft powder finish. The term ‘Ombre’ refers to the brows being softer and lighter through the front of the brow while being more full and defined through the tails. Ombre is better suited to (but not limited to) oiler skin types. If you love the way your brows look after tinting/henna or with a little bit of brow powder then the Ombre look is perfect for you!


The saying goes, that your eyes are the windows to your soul. Say goodbye to panda eyes and hello to your new smudge proof, water proof, SWEAT PROOF eyeliner! With a range of different techniques we can create the most natural, ‘barely there’ definition, or opt to recreate your every day dramatic winged eyeliner, its up to you!

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Lip tattooing is fast becoming one of the most popular treatments. Fernanda's technique is very natural and with results lasting around 2-5 years, clients are asking themselves why they didn’t do it sooner! Colours are 100% customised to suit each individual at their appointment.

The benefits of lip tattooing are countless; it is a lovely way to restore colour in the lips or match your favourite lip balm! It is also great for redefining the lip border for anyone who has experienced a loss of definition due to lip fillers, ageing, smoking or scarring. The treatment is painless and healing time is less than a week!


Scalp micropigmentation (or SMP) is a specialised form of tattooing where we implant tiny dots of pigment to replicate a healthy hair follicle, giving the appearance of natural hair growth/stubble when the client may be experiencing any form of hair loss. SMP is catered to both men and women suffering any type of hair loss including alopecia, scarring and natural receding hair lines or pattern hair loss. It is the quickest, non surgical method of recreating a thicker, more dense looking head of hair.

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