Sharni Mancell, Ken Mancell


Founder, Director & CEO

Sharni’s passion and career started in Dance where she spent most of her younger years studying and perfecting her craft. This then extended to her owning and managing an extremely successful dance, performing arts and fitness studio based in Melbourne for several years. In her later career, Sharni has expanded her aspiration and footprint through working directly within the Aesthetics arena with some of Australia's top Aesthetic manufacturing and distribution Companies.

Sharni has spent over 20 years in the Plastic Surgery, Aesthetics, Beauty,Health and Fitness Industry. Her experience in this space includes a strong affiliation with Australia's leading dermatologists, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons, Cosmetic Physicians, GP's and nurses.


Sharni has developed a solid sales background, and likewise imparted her extensive industry knowledge through in clinic consulting, providing face to face education and sharing her understanding of aesthetic products, in particular cosmeceuticals, medical lasers, anti-ageing platforms, beautification equipment and injectables.


Sharni feels extremely privileged to have had the opportunity to launch MBODY Aesthetics and has seen firsthand, the wonderful and life-changing outcomes that the very technologies she used to promote, now deliver her own patients. She is extremely proud to be affiliated with the delightful and experienced team she has fostered over the years and that now form part of MBODY Aesthetics.


Founder, Director & CFO / COO

Ken began his professional working career within the medical industry over 20 years ago. He has had a vast expansion of his skillset working within various medical sales applications, until following his true passion in the Aesthetic, Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery arena.

With over 13 years of experience within the Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery sales field, Ken has seen some of his most accomplished roles, those being in highly corporate orientated positions.

Under titles such as, Plastics and Aesthetic National Sales Manager for the largest privately owned medical devices company in Australia, and likewise Queensland and New-Zealand Regional Sales manager for the world leading manufacturer of Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers, Ken has had a keen focus on imparting knowledge and business success in each of these vocations.


With this passion comes dedication, and Ken has developed a specific focus on facial and body aesthetics, which then saw him launch a new and exciting journey, with the birth of MBODY Aesthetics.


“Together we have a passion and love for what we do, and are extremely excited to see the MBODY brand grow as we further expand on our journey within this beautiful space. Our goal is to provide each patient, state of the art applications, optimal results coupled with a high level of satisfaction and service, this all with an individualised approach which we believe is as unique as each individual who steps through MBODY’s doors.”